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Increased turndown and almost 20% savings in fuel consumption

Equipment Installed:

  • Autoflame Mk6 Evolution Micro Modulation Controller
  • Autoflame Large servomotor coupled to air damper
  • Autoflame Small servomotor coupled to oil valve
  • Autoflame Small servomotor driving combustion head
  • Autoflame UV sensor
  • Autoflame steam pressure sensor
  • Autoflame Mk6 Evolution Micro Modulation Controller

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Crisis at factory turns into opportunity for expansion and increased efficiency

Assessment of Facility

When the existing 3 ton steam boiler at Glenmor Products, East London, was condemned over the Christmas shutdown, the factory manager, Andrew Röth had to make some quick decision. With plant expansion in mind, a second-hand 5.4 ton Alen Ygnis boiler fitted with a two-stage Weishaupt burner was sourced. Pre-mature failure of the original boiler was attributed to thermal shock imposed by stage firing of the burner. This poor form of setpoint control caused regular jumps between firing rates and excessive on/off cycles. Each time the burner starts up, cold air is blown through the boiler during the purge cycle, cooling down what you are trying to heat up, followed by the intense heat of high fire.


During a meeting with Andrew, Gary Spence of Boiler and Burner was contacted by Grant Renecle, MD of Combustion Technology. He had the perfect solution – the Autoflame Combustion Management System. With a microprocessor at the heart of the system controlling direct drive fuel and air actuators, the system achieves locked on, near stoichiometric control to the pressure setpoint. The Autoflame system is marketed on its fuel saving ability. This was, however, of secondary importance to Andrew, whose primary concern was to decrease the thermal shock to the boiler and increase lifespan.

Andrew had to have the factory up and running as soon as possible, so the existing 2-stage burner was commissioned to give the steam. Two months after receiving the order, Combustion Technology delivered and installed the Autoflame Mk6 Evolution. The mechanical two-stage controls, cams and linkages were removed from the burner and replaced with individual direct drive sensor, while steam pressure transducers were also installed.


The complete package was commissioned for optimum combustion, achieving excess air levels as low as 10% at high fire and a 4:1 turndown ratio. The burner now modulates to setpoint, varying the heat input to meet the steam demand from the boiler. An increased turndown has been achieved and on/off cycles reduced to a minimum to meet Andrew’s primary requirements. A secondary benefit is the reduction in fuel consumption for the same steam output, with performance analysis after two months indicating fuel savings of nearly 20%.