Boiler plant training: In-house or with our partners in London, UK,

Service & Repair

Our staff attends training courses throughout the year not only on the Company’s primary products but also to make themselves conversant in gas and electrical courses so as to enable the Company to issue COC on all work done. On the burner side we work not only on Riello and Limpsfield burners but offer service on all makes and types of various burners, including rotary cup burners. As to boilers, the staff is competent on both steam and hot water boilers. Air heaters used on curing, greenhouse, and drying applications are also worked on.


Fuel Efficiency Audits

Combustion Technology is committed to providing energy efficient solutions to all our customers and to do this, we offer on-site Fuel Efficiency Audits to determine how well your plant is running. A detailed report can be drawn up to include recommendations for potential future savings.


Combustion Technology is fully committed to after-sales service and also offer on-site training to your employees on working with newly-installed equipment. Basic trouble-shooting and problem-solving is covered to empower other employees to better understand the new system. The customer can request the type of training to be done and the relevant Certificates will be issued upon completion.

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Boiler Rentals

If you are looking for new ways to manage your boiler house costs, it’s time to leave it up to us. Combustion Technology is now offering customers the options to outsource their steam production, which means that the operation and maintenance are done by our qualified team.

Our services encompass everything from routine maintenance to complete system designs: 

General Maintenance/Service

  • Burner Tuneups
  • Safety Interlock Checks
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Refractory Work
  • Boiler Tube Cleaning
  • Emergency Breakdown Service
  • Complete Boiler House Commissioning
  • Emissions Testing
  • DA Tanks
  • Pumps
  • Water level Controls
  • Hot Water Heater Replacements
  • HVAC Service (commercial and industrial)
  • Rental Boilers


System Overhauls

  • Equipment Evaluations
  • Free Energy/Emissions Audits
  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Burner Replacement
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Touchscreen Control Retrofits


  • Training custom-tailored to your facility
  • Training at our state-of-the-art in-house lab

Our Focus: 

  • Emission Reduction
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Cost Reduction
  • Safety
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Meeting Requirements at Peak Operation


Remote Boiler Management

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Who is Actually Managing your boiler right now?

How about a Boiler Expert takes care of it for you?How about a Company with a 30 Year Track

How about a Company with a 30 Year Track record?How about the only Company that saves its Clients 8-12% off their Fuel Bills over

How about the only Company that saves its Clients 8-12% off their Fuel Bills over their Competitors!

Combustion Technology is your answer.Introducing a 24/7 Boiler

Introducing a 24/7 Boiler house Management by The Experts in Boilers and Combustion Systems for a very low cost!

How does it work?

The DTI (Data Transfer Interface) lets users know in real time how the boilers are performing, either on-site through its built-in touch screen, via a local PC, or via a BMS system. It stores data
history of all boilers for 2 years. The DTI is a gateway for communicating with the Autoflame MM Controller/EGA range of products. The DTI can collect and store information from a maximum of 10 Autoflame Systems in one location. The information gathered is later available for transmission to an external source such as a BMS via RS422 or Ethernet links. The data gathered by the Autoflame DTI can be
synchronised and viewed using the included CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring) software, which allows data collection over a local network or over the internet. The Mk7 DTI also supports
the Modbus protocol over ethernet and RS422 as standard.

Our Management will assist with:

  • Maintenance and performance issues on all your boilers
  • Monitor fuel usage and emissions
  • Ensure security via access control (if present)
  • Expert opinion available 24/7 when Combustion Technology is signed as your Service Provider with a DTI SLA
  • Monthly report on state of boilers and burners
  • Standard call out rates when requested to attent to site
  • 25% discount on all spare parts purchased under the SLA
  • Any boiler location in South Africa up to 10 boilers per location
  • All critical alarm and boiler/burner settings
  • Even if a boiler room door is open or a light is on or any other First Out Signal (eg Overload trips)
  • Record 2 years of data history, fuel, water, etc
  • Boiler performance (team/heat production)
  • Complete boiler operations (fuel flow/water levels/temperature pressure/etc)

Boiler Rentals

Combustion Technology is a solution and service based company. Any company can rent equipment, but Combustion Technology goes the extra step to anticipate exactly what the customer needs. Combustion Technology then develops a solution to fit that need and follows through with first class service and equipment. This Customer focus is what sets Combustion Technology apart from our Competitors.

  • Trailer-mounted up to 5 tons per hour
  • Containerized up to 2,5 tons per hour

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